MCTC touch screen controller

The MCTC 8 inch touch screen controller plays an important role in the reliability and stability of the dosing process.Read more

MCTC touch screen controller

he MCTC 8 inch touch screen controller plays an important role in the reliability and stability of the dosing process. The robust, easy to start-up (and operate) controller works under all circumstances in injection molding and extrusion applications.

Standard available in 19 different languages, the intuitive user interface of the MCTC ensures that anyone can operate the connected dosing system(s) without extensive training.

With numerous features such as: quick calibration, recipe storage, manageable user levels, EBM synchronization and sensor neck control (more being added freely on a regular basis) at your disposal, the gravimetric controller is truly a flexible controller that grows with your (Industry 4.0) needs.

Stop reacting, start controlling with the MCTC touch screen controller by Movacolor.

Also available as a remote controller.

Other features

Extrusion blow molding synchronization | Two-stage dosing – dosing during recovery and injection phase | Dosing during purging of an injection molding machine | Sensor neck control | Multi-layer line control for extrusion lines | Intelligent open- or closed-loop regrind control (MCTwin) | Hopper loader control

Industry 4.0 ready

Want to connect with other machine controllers or central monitoring systems? No problem. This unit is prepared to communicate via different protocols such as OPC-UA and Profinet.

Capable of dosing at extremely low dosage rates

The dosing cylinder and patented weighing technology ensure extremely accurate dosing, even when low dosage rates are required. (speed starting from 0.1 up to 200 rpm)

Intuitive design

Out-of-the-box installation: Start working more efficiently quickly. This unit is easy to install and supplied pre-configured. Can be operated without extensive training together with the MCTouchscreen controller.

High efficiency

Reduce waste and save costs by producing more consistently.

Wide capacity range

Capable of dosing at extreme low- and high dosing rates.

High accuracy

Equiped with proven Movacolor dosing technology which gives you full control over your material input.

Modular system

This unit is part of the Movacolor modular dosing concept and can easily be integrated and/or combined with all other products of the Movacolor product range.

Extremely accurate dosing

The dosing cylinder releases the additive in a steady flow. The stepper motor ensures maximum control with no stoppages or pulsations. There is no other method in the world as accurate as this.


Anyone can operate the MCTC touch screen controller. Moreover, the MCSmart system enables you to monitor all your MCTC touch screen controller units from one computer. Additives can be changed in less than 60 seconds and the units are easy to clean.

Modular system

The unique modular system gives you the opportunity to add extra units in the future, depending on the material and the production process.


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MCTC touch screen controller