We have been searching for the right color feeder for years

About Forum Plastics CA

Forum Plastics is a global medical contract manufacturer serving OEMs and for over 25 years with superior medical injection molding services.

The right color feeder

Mark Polinsky, president of Forum Plastics CA: “We have been searching for the right color feeder for years and through this process have trialed other mixers, talked to companies at trade shows and received multiple quotes for systems to blend concentrate with our natural base resins. As a molder with short to medium run lengths and frequent changeovers, specializing in medical molding, we produce many parts in our customer’s chosen color pallet.

Accuracy and consistency

Consistency of color is critical for our customers and consistency of concentrate in our mixes helps insure the consistency of the molded parts. The systems evaluated before the Movacolor MCBalance Gravimetric Feeder were much larger, more complicated to implement, and in some instances more costly. The Movacolor feeders have proven to be easy to implement, they have improved the consistency of the color for our blended resin eliminating the static effects feeding this mix from driers through hoses and sight glasses.

Easy to use and cost saving

These press top feeders have also eliminated the mixing of concentrates with base resin in our material room and the stocking of these mixes in inventory. Programs are saved on the feeder and estimated cycles for the concentrate hopper is easy to display allowing our material handlers to refill concentrate instead of calculating let down ratios and mixing batches of blended material. Clean outs and color changes are easy, especially if the base resin is not changing.

We have 5 units in house, 2 more on order and plan to continue to implement these across all of our molding machines that run blended resin products.”

Source image and text: Belplas group / Forum Plastics CA